Micah Condon: How are the men in bed by nationality

Friday, December 13, 2013

How are the men in bed by nationality

Sex changes depending on the country. It seems incredible but men in bed are different according to their nationality.
 In the world there are different cultures and customs. The way to behave according to each country is also seen in the bed. Some are hot and fiery blood, others however are more cold and distant, other innovators.
We will try to describe sex by country.

The Spaniards are said to be the best lovers in the world but they are somewhat cool and boastful. They are very natural, sometimes even too much for what they proposed positions and locations without fear. With them it is easy to have a good time.
Latinos: they are warm-blooded and this note on the bed. Besucones and loving as could be, they give praise and compliments every now and then. They are also very imaginative in bed and they love physical contact.
The Germans are simple and straightforward. They tend to always practice the same position, the missionary, her under and above him dominate. True, it is a position that allows both physical and visual contact between lovers but often too typical, even boring. However, the Germans love it. So if you want to try new things, do not choose a German because they are not too imaginative in bed.
French: elegance and poise that show walking the streets of Paris completely lose it on the bed as they are very morbid, and do not say it as a negative. They love oral sex, both fellatio as cunnilingus, or the position of 69.
The Italians speak much and say little. They are often stigmatize largemouth and in bed, we are less. Moreover, they are something special. It is said that the Italians love to rub his penis against your partner's armpit to reach orgasm.
The English: they are often considered too raw and passionate. It's going the "rough sex", whipping, whip and the rod but not to the physical damage. Often play a role play in bed where one is dominated and the other dominant. To do this, sex toys are essential.
The Greeks in ancient times were very good considering the relationships between men and it seems that this tradition has been maintained over time. A Greek excites them much anal intercourse. However, as elsewhere, some might find it unhygienic or painful.
It is clear that not all men are restricted to these specific descriptions but take this into account when choosing a lover.

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