Micah Condon: Cuba achieved vaccine extends life of cancer patients

Friday, December 13, 2013

Cuba achieved vaccine extends life of cancer patients

Cuban scientists succeeded in recent years and natural vacunasterapéuticas anticancer drugs that prolong the life of enfermosaunque no cure, and win markets in Latin America, Asia and Europe.

The most recent of these products is Vaxira. Its creators of the Center of Molecular Immunology (CIM), a state agency based in Havana, described it as a special therapeutic vaccine to treat cancer of the lung that is applied as intradermal injection, as published by the website ansa.it.
The drug "is of very low toxicity and reported higher levels of survival in patients," as he explained to the press during the 31st International Fair of Havana, Cuba's main commercial bag closes its doors Friday.
Vaxira clinical trials demonstrated that causes no adverse side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
According to experts this feature allows long-term treatment in elderly patients, who often can not withstand typical negative reactions of cytostatics.
Persistent work in Cuba to find effective drugs against cancer aim to alleviate the situation in their own country, where the disease is the leading cause of deaths annually.
One effect is that as the domestic pharmaceutical industry is also hope for the national economy, beset by heavy import bills in various critical branches.
The predecessor as anti-cancer Cuban therapeutic vaccine is Cimavax Vaxira, which is already applied in the system of primary health care in this country.
Us CIMAB, marketer and CIM production Cimavax recorded, in addition to Cuba, in Peru and Uruguay, and there are clinical trials underway in Europe.
Cuban scientists explain that both vaccines are part of a "package" of five products with the permission of the CIM and national marketing.
All are designed to reduce the harmful effects of radiation and chemotherapy, and fight tumors directly. Some like Nimotuzumab, monoclonal antibodies are "humanized" to treat head and neck cancer.
Maybe the product against cancer has got more international attention, and maintains, is the Vidatox, and his most recent Vidatox 30CH mode, Labiofam manufactured by another state entity also in Havana.
Last August the drug obtained registration in Laos, the first country in Asia that way, I applied for clinical use, according to the Cuban news agency Prensa Latina.
The Vidatox 30CH is described as a homeopathic biotherapeutic whose active principle endemic scorpion venom Rhopalurus Junceus of Cuba.
Already demonstrated that it provides periods of "survival" patients, relieves pain and gets improvements in symptoms, especially those that cause cytostatic and radiation treatments.
Cuban scientific authorities warn that they do not want to raise false expectations about their medications, which can not cure cancer but add that they are a real hope in the fight against the disease.

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