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Friday, December 13, 2013

How are the men in bed by nationality

Sex changes depending on the country. It seems incredible but men in bed are different according to their nationality.
 In the world there are different cultures and customs. The way to behave according to each country is also seen in the bed. Some are hot and fiery blood, others however are more cold and distant, other innovators.
We will try to describe sex by country.

The Spaniards are said to be the best lovers in the world but they are somewhat cool and boastful. They are very natural, sometimes even too much for what they proposed positions and locations without fear. With them it is easy to have a good time.
Latinos: they are warm-blooded and this note on the bed. Besucones and loving as could be, they give praise and compliments every now and then. They are also very imaginative in bed and they love physical contact.
The Germans are simple and straightforward. They tend to always practice the same position, the missionary, her under and above him dominate. True, it is a position that allows both physical and visual contact between lovers but often too typical, even boring. However, the Germans love it. So if you want to try new things, do not choose a German because they are not too imaginative in bed.
French: elegance and poise that show walking the streets of Paris completely lose it on the bed as they are very morbid, and do not say it as a negative. They love oral sex, both fellatio as cunnilingus, or the position of 69.
The Italians speak much and say little. They are often stigmatize largemouth and in bed, we are less. Moreover, they are something special. It is said that the Italians love to rub his penis against your partner's armpit to reach orgasm.
The English: they are often considered too raw and passionate. It's going the "rough sex", whipping, whip and the rod but not to the physical damage. Often play a role play in bed where one is dominated and the other dominant. To do this, sex toys are essential.
The Greeks in ancient times were very good considering the relationships between men and it seems that this tradition has been maintained over time. A Greek excites them much anal intercourse. However, as elsewhere, some might find it unhygienic or painful.
It is clear that not all men are restricted to these specific descriptions but take this into account when choosing a lover.

Cuba achieved vaccine extends life of cancer patients

Cuban scientists succeeded in recent years and natural vacunasterapéuticas anticancer drugs that prolong the life of enfermosaunque no cure, and win markets in Latin America, Asia and Europe.

The most recent of these products is Vaxira. Its creators of the Center of Molecular Immunology (CIM), a state agency based in Havana, described it as a special therapeutic vaccine to treat cancer of the lung that is applied as intradermal injection, as published by the website ansa.it.
The drug "is of very low toxicity and reported higher levels of survival in patients," as he explained to the press during the 31st International Fair of Havana, Cuba's main commercial bag closes its doors Friday.
Vaxira clinical trials demonstrated that causes no adverse side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
According to experts this feature allows long-term treatment in elderly patients, who often can not withstand typical negative reactions of cytostatics.
Persistent work in Cuba to find effective drugs against cancer aim to alleviate the situation in their own country, where the disease is the leading cause of deaths annually.
One effect is that as the domestic pharmaceutical industry is also hope for the national economy, beset by heavy import bills in various critical branches.
The predecessor as anti-cancer Cuban therapeutic vaccine is Cimavax Vaxira, which is already applied in the system of primary health care in this country.
Us CIMAB, marketer and CIM production Cimavax recorded, in addition to Cuba, in Peru and Uruguay, and there are clinical trials underway in Europe.
Cuban scientists explain that both vaccines are part of a "package" of five products with the permission of the CIM and national marketing.
All are designed to reduce the harmful effects of radiation and chemotherapy, and fight tumors directly. Some like Nimotuzumab, monoclonal antibodies are "humanized" to treat head and neck cancer.
Maybe the product against cancer has got more international attention, and maintains, is the Vidatox, and his most recent Vidatox 30CH mode, Labiofam manufactured by another state entity also in Havana.
Last August the drug obtained registration in Laos, the first country in Asia that way, I applied for clinical use, according to the Cuban news agency Prensa Latina.
The Vidatox 30CH is described as a homeopathic biotherapeutic whose active principle endemic scorpion venom Rhopalurus Junceus of Cuba.
Already demonstrated that it provides periods of "survival" patients, relieves pain and gets improvements in symptoms, especially those that cause cytostatic and radiation treatments.
Cuban scientific authorities warn that they do not want to raise false expectations about their medications, which can not cure cancer but add that they are a real hope in the fight against the disease.

The shoes you wear can avoid impulse purchases

The heels are indispensable part of any woman's wardrobe as well as being a good weapon of seduction, they can also help you make better purchases and avoid you to become a Shopaholic, but how intelligently buy heels?

According to a study by Brigham Young University, heels can be your allies when making a major purchase, and consumers experience a greater sense of balance, so you better analyze their decisions.
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Jeffrey Larson, a marketing professor at the university and author of the study published in the Journal of Marketing Research, notes that "if you spend too much should consider buying high heels."
Balance vs compulsive eaters
Researchers detail that heels are good for this effect in women, while men can get the same result if they go to the shops after a yoga class or go up and down the stairs.
This is because, according to the researchers, all of which requires the mind to focus on the balance affects decisions on purchases, ie, people are more likely to choose products average, instead of expensive or low quality.
With this, experts say that people should be more aware of how the actions or activities directly influence their thinking and decision making. And you, how do you prepare to make good decisions and perform successful shopping?

The 10 countries where men help more at home

-Mexico is in the penultimate position of 36 countries evaluated in terms of welfare, according to the 2013 edition of the study "How's life?", Published by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

This same report also analyzes the gender gap that exists between the paid and unpaid work (that considers the work within the household).

Although in most countries is still the woman who devoted more time to these tasks, it is observed that, on average, spend one hour a week more to paid work and 2.6 hours less the unpaid work, compared with 10 years ago.
Meanwhile, paid work for men has decreased on average 4.5 hours and increased unpaid work two hours.
There are countries where change is most evident and men spend almost the same hours at housework than women. In the gallery you can check the 10 nations where the gap of time engaged them and them is smaller.

1 -. Denmark. Danish The average man spends 3 hours and 37 minutes chores at home while women spend a little over 4 hours.
2.-Sweden. Man spends an average of 3 hours and 33 minutes compared to 4 hours and 9 minutes dedicating the woman home

3.-Belgium. Man works at home 3 hours and 20 minutes. The woman 4 hours 5 minutes.

4.-Netherlands -. Here men do household chores for 3 hours and 36 minutes while women spend 4 hours and 27 minutes.

5.-Norway. Men spend two hours and 54 minutes and women home 3 hours and 46 miutes.

6 -. Slovenia. Nationally, men spend on average 3 hours and 51 minutes and women 4 hours and 46 minutes.

7.-Germany. Men work at home 3 hours 32 minutes and 4 hours with women 29 minutes.

8.-Poland: Men spend 3 hours and 50 minutes Women 4 hours and 56 minutes.

9.-Australia. In this country men spend home a little over 4 hours and women 5 hours and 11 minutes.
10.-Hungary. Men spend at home 3 hours 20 minutes and 4 hours and 28 women minutuos

Making the bed is bad for your health

According to a study by the University of British Kingston not making the bed when you get up can be good for health. Research suggests that the riots are not like beds of dust mites that live in our mattresses.

The key to the whole thing is in the moisture. These small and hateful bugs only live in a warm, wet environment. Something that encourages our bodies sweat when we sleep. Which is why , if we aerate the sheets all day , dehydrated and die automatically .
The bedding neatly folded , with sheets, blankets and bedspreads stretched , creating ideal living conditions for mites , which can cause asthma , eczema or dermatitis, chronic hay fever ( allergic reaction to pollen ) and other allergies. According to the researchers warned : a made bed can accommodate a population of 1.5 million mites.
Stephen Pretlove , leader of the team of scientists who published the study , says that this finding could be saving a significant amount of money in allergic or similar diseases. For now, what seems clear is that both asthmatics, as lazy , have a new reason to sleep sprawled and not order the bed up.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

That dress used to attend a wedding

Is it about the wedding of your best friend and does not know how to dress? Do not worry, soon we'll help you find the perfect dress for you.
The first thing to consider is what kind of celebration to be held for the wedding, so now you can choose the perfect dress for the ceremony.
Here we leave some tips for dressing depending on the style and type of wedding:

- Formal Wedding night: You can use a cocktail dress over black or another dark color, opt for flashy accessories that make you look elegant.

- Formal Wedding day: These types of celebrations are very important, since daylight everyone notices as lights. Here you can choose between a long or short dress, but remember to combine with accessories like gloves and hats.

- Semi-formal wedding, day or night: This time you no longer look like a Hollywood star, so it is recommended you wear a cocktail dress with shades or details suitable for event schedule.

- Informal Wedding night: informal weddings are usually very comfortable, and everyone can dress as you like without having to wear clothes that are too sophisticated. Opt for a cocktail dress with simple details and a dark or pearl.